Stand Design: trade fairs and events

Creativity, quality and technology.


Indissoluble has a great experience in the design and construction of stands for large companies, in a huge variety of sectors. We produce original and appealing stands that attract the attention of the spectators.




Innovative concept

Indissoluble is the innovative company in the design of stands for fairs. Based in Barcelona, we have been providing our integral solutions since 2004 for the complete development of exhibition stands, working with the client from the concept to the logistics of installation in the fair and maintenance. Indissoluble is able to create its own constructive and technological solutions, which allow us to stand out with innovative and daring concepts: modular stands, folding stands, unique designs that our assembly team installs taking care of every element and every detail with care.








Interactive stand

Our ideas go from paper to virtual reality, so that the customer can get excited about their product long before its final production. Our technological know-how allows us to offer an innovative and unprecedented way of working. Our experience in fairs like Mobile World Congress or EBACE Geneva supports our ability to make huge interactive light sculptures, impactful designs for stands of international brands, RFID user recognition systems, interactions with photocalls and Instagram live feed, interactive digital or analog modules, robotics and sensors, LED lighting, screens, projections and videomapping; without limit, with success and enthusiasm.

Indissoluble offers an integral service of design, logistics, creative lighting, our own service of graphic design and signage, a fully-equipped workshop in the center of Barcelona with the most advanced technology.

By using the most cutting-edge materials and covering the full range of needs that may arise in the construction of stands, we define our ability and willingness to innovate and offer a remarkable product, beyond simpler options.