Exhibitions and Museography

Permanent, temporary and traveling installations.






We design and build exhibitions from Barcelona to the world.

We translate complex concepts in an entertaining and interactive format. We specialize in science contents. We design immersive spaces in which form and content are conceived as a single entity where users actively participate in a fascinating experience. Our products are characterized by mixing different elements: a precise concept, an innovative design and a clear commitment to multimedia design, with different interactive elements and technology.



Interactive museography

Indissoluble has a great experience in content development for exhibitions, no matter how difficult it may be. Art direction and storytelling is a fundamental part of our creative process. Our team has worked in the field of quantum physics, history, art, religion, linguistics and robotics, to name a few examples. We do not limit ourselves to any format, we believe in adapting the language to the values of each of the projects. Guided by quality and precision, we work to make the exhibition design coherent, and the final result an immersive experience prepared to generate emotions.







User experience

The user experience is the core of our work. We have a design open to all types of audiences, with ergonomics and accessibility as a common element to all our projects. Our team of architects and designers look for new materials and construction techniques for each project, until the smallest detail is defined, whether it is a temporary, traveling or permanent exhibition. Indissoluble offers an integrated museography service; from consulting, strategy and planning to the smallest details. From handmade illustrations to the most innovative digital manufacturing techniques, we design, manufacture and assemble all the elements of the exhibition project in our facilities in Barcelona.









Interactive exhibitions

We bet on multimedia installations: video walls, videomapping, reactive LED walls, virtual and augmented reality devices and all kinds of interactive elements, either analog or digital. Our exhibitions can include all kinds of integrated elements, from touch screens and robotics to reactive lighting system and user recognition through RFID systems. We look for innovative applications, with the latest technologies in communication and interaction.


Digital fabrication: CAD CAM

One of our pillars is the ability to develop our own construction systems, adapting to any situation. In this CAD CAM industrial design process, our design and workshop offices play a fundamental role. We produce prototypes for each of the development phases and invest in the most advanced machinery. This allows us to produce all the elements in our workshop. Once finished, our technical team is in charge of assembling the product and taking care of all the installation details.