At Indissoluble, we tell stories through spaces, and create interactive and sensory experiences to make each project a unique and memorable solution.

Our main objective is to enhance the user experience.

We carry out the creative process from the concept to the final production, and the whole process is developed in our facilities, giving a global service to our clients.

We work for museums, galleries, institutions and private companies.

We experiment and build prototypes to find the best solution.

We fuse physical and digital using technology without limits.

Our team is 100% multidisciplinary and consists of architects, designers, engineers, graphic designers, creative videographers, journalists, carpenters, blacksmiths, assembly technicians… We work on the concept of no-limit between disciplines.

Innovation shapes our DNA.


Due to our capacity to design and produce simultaneously, we can follow the method of trial-error-trial-success. Prototypes are a fundamental part of the creative process from the beginning.
We totally believe in being able to create something unique every time, we enjoy starting from a blank page to create something new without limits. We like challenges.
We do not work in a linear way, we encourage the liquid process of creation where the limits of the disciplines are mixed. Each project marks its own path.
Our project management systems allow us to control time and budget from the perspective of resources. We use state-of-the-art software in all stages of the process.




No limits