Design with interactive technology and innovative materials.


A precise concept, an innovative design and a commitment to multimedia and interaction design. At Indissoluble we develop showrooms and other corporative spaces all over the world from the conception of the project until its installation.


Show your product and spread your brand story.

Indissoluble develops integral solutions for corporate showrooms, covering the entire process from the concept to the final assembly. We translate the brand image and its values in an entertaining and interactive format in which the user can touch, feel and enjoy a multimedia experience.


Immersive experiences

We design immersive experiences in which space and content are conceived as a single entity. Users actively participate in a fascinating experience. We bet on a final result capable of generating emotions. Our team of architects, engineers and designers constantly look for new materials and construction techniques for each project.


Interactive showroom

Our interactive designs can include all kinds of integrated elements, from touch screens and robotic elements to reactive lighting system to the user and user recognition RFID systems. We look for innovative applications, with the latest technologies in communication and interaction.


Digital fabrication

One of our strengths is the ability to use multiple advanced construction systems, using our know-how and the capabilities of our workshop to create unique and innovative solutions. In this way we can adapt to any situation and get the best performance in the exhibition space.


Designing with interactive technology and innovative materials is the best way to connect your brand with your clients, creating an immersive and memorable experience.