IRTA Stand at Barcelona Food Technologies

IRTA (Institute of Agri-Food Research and Technology)
Barcelona, Spain

A house where the values of IRTA are distributed in different rooms. This is the bet of Indissoluble for the stand of the Agroalimentary Technologies and Research Institute, IRTA, a branch of the Catalan Government’s department of Agriculture.
Among the context of the machinery and technology for food industry, Barcelona Food Technologies, BTA, Indissoluble creates a meeting point for visitors and companies where they can feel at home in order to work and innovate. Therefore the chosen motto to explain the concept is Welcome home: let’s innovate?
The scenario created by Indissoluble shows proximity, comfort and warmth so that the visitors feel at ease when they gather there. A wooden structure reproduces the rooms and roof of a single family house as well as it organizes the different spaces. There, everyday objects like a bed, a table or chairs live together with multimedia objects like tactile tables or projections.
Technology is a core value for IRTA, that’s why the stand includes audiovisuals and interactive elements that transmit the idea of innovation and interaction present in the relation between IRTA and the private companies.

Client: IRTA (Institute of Food and Agricultural Research)
Data: 2015
Area: 104 sqm
Project, Production and Installation, Content Management, Graphic Design, Software, Multimedia and Interactives:
Juan Roberto Vásquez
Jordi Hernández
Project direction:
Jordi Miró
Pablo Pariente