Biobizz Stand at Spannabis 2017

Barcelona, Spain

A stand that can travel and adapt to multiple sites. This is the challenge that Indissoluble and Clue agency face for the design of the stand for the dutch fertilizing firm Biobizz for the Spannabis Fair in Cornellà. To celebrate its 25th anniversary the company promotes its products in different fairs and trade shows, therefore the exhibiting space must be easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to transport and it also must adapt to different contexts with different shapes.
The Spannabis fair stand is 8 metres wide and 10 metres long, and it’s the biggest of all spaces where Biobizz products will exhibit, therefore, the first design premise is to allow the stand to reduce its surface without affecting its design or function.
The solution reached by Indissoluble and Clue is creating a modular system formed by five basic elements: the self bearing enclosure, two independent cabins, a multifunctional module, a large wardrobe and a greenhouse.
The enclosure
The stand limits are defined by 12 structural frame shape plywood modules with a visual limit made by brand coloured elastic bands creating a sort of spider web. This web blocks the passage but allows the vision between inside and outside. One of the enclosures is different. It has, on its inner side, a space where the visitor can leave comments on post its, and on its outer side, a game with wooden windows holding questions related to the brand products. The answers show when you open the windows.
Made with plywood, the cabins have a container shape that can open and generate a space between the two parts. This creates an intimate meeting room, isolated from the fair’s noise, where it’s comfortable to work with the brand’s clients.
Multifunctional module
Information point and customer service. A compact closet provides storage space for small products, and also contains an office with a fridge and a coffee machine, a TV screen and a desk to attend visitors. The methacrylate light cube site on top of this module acts as a visual claim from a distance.
Built also with plywood, the cupboard define the limit between the public and private areas and also provide with storage space. It consists of four modules with one door at one side and a blind wall on the other side. The blind side of the cupboard acts as a display wall for the company’s chronology, shown with special dates and pictures illustrating them. The brand’s logotype rests on top of the cupboard.
A small polycarbonate greenhouse with aluminium structure, similar to the ones Biobizz clients might have to cultivate their products, contains exhibitors with brand information and a large screen where an audiovisual is projected.


Exhibition project:
Indissoluble and We are Clue

Project direction:

Cristina García

Santi Facet


Miriam Ribuffo

Gabriel Betancourt Maestro

Production and assembly: