Barcelona Activa Stand at The Internet of Things Fair

Barcelona Activa
Barcelona, Spain

The stand of Barcelona Activa for the IOT Fair is structured around a large umbrella that welcomes visitors and gives visibility to the companies that present their projects, all of them related to the IOT (Internet Of Things) .
Company desks are distributed around the stand, which hosts the main desk of Barcelona Activa and the common areas (lounge and meeting room) inside.
The suspended structure, very light, hangs from the roof of the pavilion by a truss, which in turn serves as a support for lighting elements. This structure is configured as a large banner with the word “Barcelona”, ​​using as a starting point a printed circuit, which provides a strong technological image. The interior reflects the corporate blue of Barcelona Activa.
The desks for the different companies are part of a space defined by green panels placed transversely to the main structure of the stand. At the point of clamping, it opens a small space that provides permeability between the inside and the outside.
All materials used in the stand construction are environmentally friendly. The upper structure is made from Tablex (hardboard) carved with CAD-CAM technology. This material is 100% ecological and recyclable.