Exhibition Material for the Spanish Pavilion. Floriade Fair (World Horticulture Exhibition)

Nussli / Acción Cultural
Venlo, The Netherlands

An event that only happens every 10 years. For this reason, the world exhibition of horticulture, Floriade, is a highly anticipated act both by the Dutch and for all international visitors who are lucky enough to enjoy this event.

Since the 1960s, the exhibition has had different venues: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or Zoetermeer. The 2012 edition took place in the Dutch city of Venlo.

Indissoluble join this initiative designing and building the exhibition material that will fill the Spanish pavilion with life and attractiveness. The proposal consists of the realization of 10 sensory cabins. Thanks to the integration of different interactive elements, visuals, mechanical systems and multimedia a discourse are generated that has as its central theme the Spanish agricultural production.

But not only virtual material is used to explain what happens in Spanish agronomy. Indissoluble also designs a complex piece of furniture that allows the display of food products from images or their packaging. And to unify this discourse, a graphics system is generated that guides the visitor along the route.