Plant Genetic Resources Center. Interactive Exhibition

UAE Plant Genetic Resources Center
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Seemingly minuscule, the seed holds profound importance for the future. Phylogenetic resources, that is, plant genetics, represent an invaluable heritage for humanity.

The exhibition, designed and produced by Indissoluble for the Plant Genetic Resource Center in the United Arab Emirates, aims to highlight the significance of native plant genetic resources. Furthermore, it seeks to educate and inform visitors about conservation strategies and the use of both conventional and biotechnological approaches to sustainably preserve and utilize these species.

In the entrance area, the exhibition proposal includes interactive welcome totems. These large-format touch screens allow visitors to explore the different activities carried out at the Genetic Research Center, understand its mission, and confront the current challenges in the field of plant genetics.

Beyond the totems, visitors discover a large circular table with physical and digital elements that, through gamification strategies, offer the opportunity to learn and discover more about plant genetics.

In the “Collection” area, visitors can observe a selection of seeds displayed inside interactive backlit metal tubes. Using a series of filters, they can choose which seeds they want to view based on selected preferences. Once the selection is made, they can access detailed information about these seeds.

The next section of the interactive table is dedicated to the seed preservation process. Visitors will understand the different processes used to preserve seeds. This installation offers a panoramic view that allows participants to interactively discover the various scientific strategies employed in seed preservation.

In the third section, visitors can learn about the work that scientists carry out in the laboratory to study the plant world. Users can interact with the digital elements in this area to delve into different research processes.

Finally, there’s an area dedicated to highlighting the importance of collaborative work on a global scale in the field of plant genetics, carried out by scientists and various international organizations. In this section, visitors can learn more about the main seed banks in the world and discover relevant data related to these institutions.

Alongside this global approach, a local view of the situation of plant genetics in the United Arab Emirates is also presented, revealing the local challenges they face.

After exploring the different sections of the interactive table, visitors can go to the outdoor area where they will discover a digital garden that combines real plants with futuristic and cybernetic flora. As they approach, motion sensors will activate screens displaying visual facts  related to some of the species in the area.

With a unique combination of education, interactivity, and a futuristic vision, the exhibition at the UAE Plant Genetic Resource Center offers visitors an interactive and gamified experience on plant genetics and the preservation of phylogenetic heritage for future generations.



UAE Plant Genetic Resources Center

Concept, Curation, and Content:

UAE Plant Genetic Resources Center

Exhibition Design:


Indissoluble Project Director:

Juan Roberto Vásquez

Indissoluble Project Management:

Pablo Pariente

Indissoluble Design Team:

Natalia Winnika

Miriam Ribuffo

Sebastián Sanchez

Audiovisuals, Software, and UX Design:

Flop Work

Production and Assembly by Indissoluble:

Salvador Camí

Diego Cortés

Alejandro Cuñado

Juan Carlos de Ascó

Javier Fuertes

Marco Antonio Gallego

Christian Roger