Urban Innovation Center Ca l’Alier. Interior Design

BIT Habitat
Barcelona, Spain

Indissoluble does  the interior design of the ground floor of Ca l’Alier, a building listed as Industrial Heritage in Barcelona’s Poblenou and which houses the Bit Habitat Foundation. The intervention contains four distinct spaces that have also been treated in different ways, always taking into account the sustainability of the materials used.

Central Street crosses the building like an open urban space. Here, a series of modular elements on wheels can be positioned according to needs: cubes of recycled wood fibers (OSB) painted white or black that have the function of a seat and a flowerpot at the same time. A pine wood desk defines the reception to the building.

The Technology Transfer Area, in building A, is a diaphanous space where both the furniture and the separating screens are movable to give flexibility to the work area. Only a large fixed bookcase separates the space into two areas. Both the partitions and all the furniture are made of pine wood and painted OSB.

The Cantina for the users of the space contains a bar, steel and wood furniture and a sofa made of recycled pallets.

The Cities Workshop, in building B, is also a flexible space with large steel partitions on wheels that allow the interior to be shaped according to needs. These partitions are equipped with different systems that support the work areas: integrated screens, vertical panels, exhibition surfaces and storage space.

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© Image: Fundación Consejo España India

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© Image: Fundación Consejo España India

© Image: Fundación Consejo España India

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© Image: Fundación Consejo España India

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Fundació Bit Habitat

Project Director:

Juan Roberto Vásquez

Project Management: 

Paula López

Núria Vallverdú


Núria Vallverdú

Design Director:

Paula López

Production Design:

Miriam Ribuffo

Igor Vuleta


Fabio Alvino

Flor Salatino

Production and Assembly:

Juan Carlos de Ascó

Salvador Camí

Alejandro Cuñado

Javier Fuertes

Marco Antonio Gallego


Tomás Navarro

Pablo Pariente

Fundación Consejo España India