Interactive Showroom

Hernani, Guipuzcoa. Spain

Coinciding with its 50th anniversary, a well-known company of lifts and escalators has build in Spain a research and development centre of renewable energy and eco-engineering.

In this space Indissoluble has created an interactive showroom, where the most advanced technologies come together to serve broadcasting and corporate communication. The visit to the showroom, which is held by the company’s own staff, has two distinct spaces: an immersive stage with a spectacular videomapping, and an interaction area where visitors can go in depth in the brand’s hallmarks.

Using a language consisting of icons and vectors, the videomapping explains in a direct and universal visual style these points in just five minutes. Thanks to some infrared proximity sensors (Switch IR) the guests themselves activate the projection on the wall and give way to the following chapters.

The interactive site consists of 5 areas where these concepts are organized and explained by different touch screens and interactive elements, including a table based on Computer Vision technology, where visitors can see the global reach of the company by means of tabs representing different projects and countries. When the chips are detected by the table, it activates a projection with architectural references the company has built worldwide.

Indissoluble has thus created a showroom where the integration of design, interactive elements, software and customer needs are merged into a single space.



Exhibition project, Production and Installation of the Exhibition Project,
Content Management, Graphics, Software, Multimedia and Interactives:

Juan Roberto Vásquez
Ernest Garriga
Fabio Alvino
Jordi Hernández
Marco Vásquez
Cristina García
Bet Garriga
Jordi Miró
Paula López
Paul Fontés
Miriam Ribuffo
Ángel Alcalá
Pablo Pariente

Collaboration in creating the Graphic Identity: Spread
Motion graphics in Mapping: TigreLab
Collaboration in creating interactive: Álvaro Treviño
Hardware Installation: Telesonic
Videowall plaques installation: Aisar TD