Las Rosas. Shopping Center Remodeling

Las Rosas Shopping Center
Madrid, Spain

The main aim of this image revamp was to give the shopping center a makeover through the redesign of the exterior façade and of two indoor areas with a more modern image.  

For the façade a new exterior covering is proposed. Made with Dibond plates- aluminium sandwich panels – cut with organic polygonal shapes and located at a distance of 15 cm from the original wall. This new covering generates a second plane with various textures, as well as depth elements and light boxes. This new structure is lodging the logos of the different brands in the shopping centre. 

At one of the main entrances, a selection of outdoor furniture, designed by EscofetⓇ, was used to create a meeting point with a new and neutral image.

Inside the centre, large-format cylindrical lamps hang from the ceilings. They are made with perforated aluminium reproducing the same voronoi shapes of the outer façade. 

New furniture is also designed by Indissoluble for resting areas and a children’s area. Also, new signage is designed for the entire center, indicating the offered facilities and services.