Toyota Eco-Mobility. Temporary Exhibition

Barcelona, Spain

How will we travel in the future? Will we do it without harming environment? These are some of the questions the exhibition Toyota, eco-Mobility wants to answer.

Located under the photovoltaic canopy of the Bacelona Forum, the exhibition is surrounded by large concrete blocks that determine its geometry. It’s defined with three independent thematic modules placed around a central square. It’s geometry, in constant dialog with its surroundings, allows the public’s free wandering through different accesses.

The building’s materials are steel, glass and wood. Inside divisions are created with 2m high corten steel walls. From this point on there’s a glass screen with a print vinyl showing tree leaves that run along the whole perimeter. The pavement unifies the space with IPE wood strips. The overall image wants to emulate a dense wood that future cars will not harm.

Outside, at a 5 meter height, a large hanging projects from the building to perform as a visual attraction.