We Robots. Interactive Exhibition

Telefónica Foundation
Madrid, Spain

What are our challenges regarding robots evolution? Will they be our best allies? Will they give us company? Will they improve our lives? These are some of the questions the Indissoluble designed exhibition, Nosotros Robots, formulates through a tour with over 50 exposed pieces at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid.

Visit begins with a review on robotics’ evolution since the 15th century till present days. The route then enters 5 different areas where technical, cultural, emotional or functional facets of robots are shown, to end up with a hint of future predictions. 

Light and aluminium are key elements regarding space design. In an almost 1000 sqm space, the walls are painted in black to disappear and create a neutral surrounding container. Different areas are introduced with 3×3 meter light boxes that slowly change their colour, in a way that is almost not noticed by visitors.

The tables or robots supports are made of exposed bent aluminium sheets mounted with large screws. This rough look aims to contrast the robots high tech appearance. When a distance between visitors and exposed pieces is needed, a polygonal steel fence performs a double role: on one hand it prevents crossing over it and on the other hand it creates a virtual filter by means of tilted white lines created by tensed rubbers going from floor to ceiling. 

From render to reality


Fundación Telefónica


October 5th 2018 / February 3rd 2019


Juan Roberto Vásquez

Project Manager:

Núria Vallverdú

Design and Production Manager:

Miriam Ribuffo

Ricard Campeny

Graphic design:

Juliana Trujillo

Audiovisual & Photography:

Tomás Navarro


Andrés Ortega