Impladent DEFCON Stand. Fair ExpoDentária

Impladent DEFCON Tissue Care ®
Lisbon, Portugal

First set up at the XIX OMD Congress (Ordem dos médicos dentistas)

Organic and modular. This is the style of the stand for Defcon Tissue Care. This company, specialized in design and production of dental implants, wants to present a distinctive and original stand for the XIX OMD (Ordem dos médicos dentistas) Congress in Oporto, Portugal.

Defcon Tissue Care’s aim is for the stand to itinerate after the XIX OMD Congress. The route will include stops in some Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Tarragona, Oviedo and Granada. It will then move on to Rimini, Bologna and Brescia in Italy. And the last destination will be Lisbon, Portugal. 

Modular and reusable design

Many cities, a long distance. That is why it is essential for the Defcon Tissue Care stand to be easy to assemble and transport. Thus, Indissoluble proposes a modular design, made of CAD-CAM produced elements.  

In addition to achieving practicality in terms of assembly, the Defcon Tissue Care stand must also reflect the technological nature of the company.

For this reason, we have designed an interactive touch table, where the user can consult all the company’s information and discover the latest innovations on offer. The stand also contains a wall with embedded screens displaying information about the company.