Caixanova. Permanent Exhibition

Vigo, Spain

The aim of this installation is to generate the appropriate spaces and systems to broadcast and integrate Caixanova’s corporate information, through a strong link with new technologies of imaging and information.

This new space should become a point of attraction and invite visitors to enter and learn about Caixanova and its link to modernity and avant-garde.

Interactive tunnel as a unifying thread

By means of the creation of a single supporting element, we propose to organise and structure this new information space, where visitors can learn about Caixanova and the cultural activities it’s offering.

This tunnel will guide us through the visit of the different thematic rooms  where we find several multimedia installations: wall integrated screens, virtual reality spaces or interactive walls among others. Everything integrated in space adapted polygonal walls.

The different spaces are separated and distributed according to Caixanova’s cultural activities and social works:

Research Area and Meeting Point

Several interactive tables with multi-touch screens distributed throughout the space display the research projects where the Foundation is working. This space also contains a meeting point where informal meetings can be arranged, and a resting area for visitors. 

Products and services

With a more corporate atmosphere, we find a space where different products and services offered by Caixanova are explained.

Social projects

This space contains a series of wall displays and interactive furniture where we find real objects that allow us to launch audiovisual contents on the different screens.

Painting – Interactive wall

Aiming to show Caixanova’s art collection, we propose an interactive wall that can be controlled by cameras with Kinect technology (gesture recognition). This tool allows selection and interaction with the art pieces, previously digitised with high definition, so that we can see them in detail by zooming in and we can also access complementary information. 

Caixanova in the world

Corporate space that generates a network with the different branches in Spain through an interactive installation with real-time data projected on the wall and connected to different screens.

Sculpture – Virtual Reality Space

An organic shaped space invites visitors to sit down and interact with the different virtual installations that compose this section. This interaction is achieved via virtual reality glasses and trackable controls that activate contents with our hands, which offers a more realistic activity.