Phibo Stand at International Dental Show Fair

Köln, Germany

Phibo is a company that researches, develops, manufactures and sells dental solutions. It applies the latest CAD-CAM technologies for the production of prostheses and provides its customers with various digital solutions and services.

Indissoluble designs, manufactures and builds the booth for IDS International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. The available space is of 126 m2.

The client wishes to express an image of clarity, cleanliness and high technology. It is also necessary to incorporate the extensive information on all activities, services and products the company offers, accessible to trade visitors at the fair. To do this, we produce various multimedia applications, and incorporate content provided by Phibo.

For the configuration of the stand, we subtly catch the space with hexagonal modules, changing the permeability from the fill to the void. We seek to reflect an image of high technology with the development of an organic mesh in colors from steel to white.

Also we develop an interactive catalogue for a set of iPads. We design custom furniture that allow visitors to interact with the tablet and when a sales agent needs it, he can remove it to do a customized presentation for a client.

The state-of-the-art application showed an interactive model of a dental clinic, incorporating the various products and solutions of Phibo. Through a system of mechanical signaling, the visitor obtains extended information about each item on a screen.


By moving a pointing device alongside  a 3D printed 1:10 model of an odontology clinic, visitors get virtual information about the company services on a screen.
Augmented reality offers a visual and effective system to display the products of the company.


An interactive catalogue is also developed for a set of iPads. Custom made furniture allows visitors to interact with the tablet and when a sales agent needs it, it can be removed to do a customized presentation for a client.