Biobizz Stand. Cardboard Dome at Spannabis Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

The Dutch organics firm Biobizz gave Indissoluble the task of creating an exhibition stand to introduce their new corporate image. The company, which sells organic fertilizers, represents issues of ecology and social responsibility, and these concepts need to be reflected in the design. Accordingly, a simple stand is created with natural or recycled materials including cardboard, conglomerated wood and textiles.
A large carpet defines the area of main stand where all the products are displayed. At the center there is an open square where social interactions and exhibitions take place. A large cardboard dome suspended from the ceiling with the shape of the new company logo is visually striking and can easily be identified from a distance.
Both the exhibition furniture and private enclosures are made of OSB. The tables and some of the product display cases are illuminated with LEDs. Boxes of different dimensions are distributed in the space, and can be moved to create different spaces as needed.

Juan Roberto Vásquez
Project direction:
Cristina García Diego
Marco Vásquez