Repsol stand for the World Petrol Congress Madrid

Repsol YPF
Madrid, Spain

Repsol YPF stand proposal for the World Petrol Congress in Madrid.

Formally, the composition of the stand expresses at the same time two apparently divergent concepts, such as high technology and nature. On one hand, we find an organic, geological form, in which we can enter and discover surprising points of view, such as entering a cave, or better, into a gorge. Playing with the metallic aspect and the corporate orange color of Repsol, we can express these two concepts, a synthesis of Repsol in some way. On the other hand, we find a pure form, the large table, which in a single element incorporates a multiplicity of functions (places to rest, exhibition and product support). It expresses an artificial, controlled form, where technology becomes friendly and accessible (it is an element of low height, which invites to approach it and touch it). The stand will be attractive from any point you look and will invite you to visit it. It is not established as a closed stand in which you have to enter. It will be more like a square with large sculptures, which the visitor can visit and then sit quietly in the seats of the social area, without feeling overwhelmed, with “a lot of air” around.

The distribution of the stand is divided into four transversal strips:


Brand information is displayed on the exterior face of the stand. They are the first concepts with which the visitor is.


It is located in the space between the two large structures that make up the core of the stand, where the visitor dives into an immersive orange space. Through TFT screens, the most innovative projects developed by Repsol will be exhibited.


The strip between the large structure and the entrance table contains social areas, rest areas, conference areas, and VIP room. It also houses computers with access to the Repsol YPF website.


Incorporated on the table, it contains physical samples of products and services, as well as the racing bikes of the Honda Moto GP team.