Travelling exhibition: Metròpolis de Ciutats

AMB (Metropolitan Area of Barcelona)
Barcelona (Spain)

Metropolis of Cities” is a traveling and interactive exhibition that seeks to bring the new metropolitan urbanism to the citizens. Developed within the framework of participation and dissemination of the drafting process of the Metropolitan Urban Masterplan (PDU), this exhibition is willing to display the contents thought, debated and developed by a network of more than 400 experts and technicians from different disciplines,  under the coordination of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. The contents generated are the starting point to establish a new look at metropolitan urbanism.

The exhibition makes available to the citizen the knowledge produced so far to continue advancing in the environmental, social and economic development of the territory.
Distributed in thematic panels about the different challenges that arise, they show that the metropolitan space is complex but that it has a great capacity for transformation.

The complex graphic development of the exhibition is solved by direct digital printing on solid wood panels, which serve as support for the entire exhibition. Fluorescent green-lacquered iron plates, designed specifically for this exhibition, serve to join the panels.

Through different multimedia technologies, such as touch screens or virtual reality glasses, the visitor can delve into the contents developed in the panels.



AMB (Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona)


Juan Roberto Vásquez

Project direction:

Igor Vuleta

Exhibition design:

Igor Vuleta

Ricard Campeny

Marta Chávarri

Sebastián Sánchez

Gabriel Betancourt

Elise Sawaya

Núria Vallverdú

Graphic design:

Juliana Trujillo

Agustina Pérez

Exhibition contents:


Adaptation and traveling exhibition intinerances direction:

Miriam Ribuffo