Malvasia Interpretation Center

Celler Hospital Sitges
Sitges, Barcelona (Spain)

The Malvasia Interpretation Center is located in an old farmyard in the center of Sitges, next to a courtyard where Malvasia vines are cultivated. The center is composed of a wine tasting room, a cellar, a shop and an exhibition that shows the characteristics of this particular sort of sweet.

The exhibition is distributed in all spaces, where the 5 senses are appealed: touch, through a display of a vine branch; smell, through fragrant test tubes; hearing, through a sound reproduction of wooden casks treatment; sight, through suggestive images of the space and taste, through wine tasting.

The exhibiting structures, made of painted steel profiles, adapt to different content formats: direct printing chipboard panels, vinyled panels, tables, objects display, etc. 


CIM Sitges


Juan Roberto Vásquez

Production and Multimedia:


Project direction:

Paula López

Lead designer:

Paula López

Marta Gutiérrez

Graphic Design:

Juliana Trujillo

Rocío Larrumbide