CosmoCaixa new permanent exhibition

Mediapro Exhibitions
Barcelona, Spain

Indissoluble collaborates in the refurbishing of the permanent exhibition at the Barcelona Science Museum by producing the exhibiting structures (partitions and platforms) and designing and producing the Brain Dome. 

Exhibiting structures

The architecture is defined by disposing black textured paint vertical and horizontal structures. The combination of their different heights and sizes creates a rich exhibition landscape. 

Vertical structures are see-through partitions, with coloured glazing enclosure or no enclosure at all. They are made out of 60 mm square steel sections, cut and welded. They act as a support for large vertical cut steel backlit panels and coloured glass, in green, red or blue according to the area where they are located (Kósmos, Evolution, Borders).

Horizontal structures are large platforms covered by black Fenix plates that support all the exhibiting contents: glass cabinets, stands, graphics, screens, etc. They are made out of 120x40mm and 40x40mm steel sections, cut and welded, and supported by thread feet that can be leveled. The structures are closed underneath by black painted steel sockets that disappear under the platform. 

Brain Dome

The area dedicated to Borders begins with a dome representing a large brain where the visitor can go in. It is formed by over 400 steel plate cut and bent triangles defining a geodesic construction. This structure is covered inside by white Dibond plates and outside by opal methacrylate that shows a led mapping reproducing brain activity. 

Inside of the dome, a large bent white paint steel cabinet adapts to the dome’s perimeter and to the contents it allocates: sculpture, graphics, glass cabinets, screens, etc. The black base of the cabinet contains all the electrical installations of the Dome and the cabinet.


Mediapro/Fundació La Caixa


Juan Roberto Vásquez

Project directors:

Jordi Miró – Basic Design
Igor Vuleta – Executive design and Prototyping
Núria Vallverdú – Project Management

Production design:

Gabriel Betancourt
Sebastián Sánchez
Natalia Winnicka
Miriam Ribuffo

Production and assembly:

Marco Vásquez
Ricard Campeny
Santi Facet
Marco Antonio Gallego
Salvador Camí
Alejandro Cuñado
Fabio Alvino
Javier Fuertes
Diego Cortés
Antonio Zozaya
Juan Carlos de Asco
Chris Oosten
Carles Tudurí
Juliana Trujillo
Rocío Larrumbide

Pennywise SL


Pablo Pariente