We are
the fusion of

From concept to final production


Indissoluble is a multidisciplinary team specialized in design and fabrication of narrative spaces for brands, exhibitions, events, and museums.

We are more than 38 people including engineers, architects, designers, programmers, multimedia, and production technicians.

Since 2004 we create projects worldwide from our headquarters in Barcelona.

We are flexible, transparent and collaborative. 

Our active listening and reactivity makes the process more human and enjoyable.

We make our designs attractive but also easy to use and maintain, thinking at all times about the operative teams.

We have made more than 300 projects from concept to final production…

…stands at numerous international fairs: Barcelona, Madrid, Las Vegas, Istanbul, Cologne, Geneva, Kuala Lumpur…

…projects that go from the Roman Forum to the particle accelerator of CERN…

from archeology to science. From the past to the future.

If you are looking for new challenges, get in touch with us.